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Saya nampak banyak komen dgn itu cuba sekali la. Kalau bagus boleh terus melangani lain kali juga. Kalau tak bagus utk 1kali saja. Selepas mencuba, saya rasa boleh tahan la. Saya beri 8/10 markah la!

Boy Maluri

I have engaged their services few times already. What I like about them are about privacy & exclusiveness. This is because only members have access to their gallery. Btw I’m platinum member’s status after order 5 times & above. I do enjoy some of their benefits as members, but I think u all should give more privileges. More…more…more…

Mr.Tai WK

They are slightly pricier btw 10-15% but quality & especially services wise really good. I would say “price is what u pay, value is what u gets”

Steven Lee

Harga mungkin lebih tinggi sikit berbanding sykt lain tapi berbaloi krn quality & servis mantap. Berasa lega & selesa krn kebersihan diutamakan disini terutama pada masa skrg nak main tapi kena selamat juga.

Haris DD

I am lazy to write review but seen feedback is important to them & since review got discount. Errr, ntg much to review actually. Keep up the good works guys!


This agency is good, the only issue I had is sometimes hard to reach them only during peak hour.